Window Scratch Repair

Window Scratch Repair

My 87 had a 1/4" wide curved line of, luckily shallow scratches from a failed wiper blade that traced the arc of the bottom of the blade all the way across the rear hatch. I took it to a local glass shop and he used a patented repair process franchised from Novus Windshield Repair. About an hour and $75 later the scratches were gone. I recommend the process highly.

Don Burrows

87 S4

Last winter, I got a rather nasty scratch in my windshield due to a tiny pebble that was embedded in the passenger side wiper blade. I didn't notice the pebble until it managed to leave a rather nasty scratch maybe 6 inches long (luckily, it didn't scratch the entire wiper-swept arc for some reason). This really bugged me for awhile, so I finally did something about it a couple of months ago. The scratch wasn't too deep, so I figured I'd try the Eastwood Company's "Glass Polishing Kit Pro" (item 40011). This consists primarily of a polishing wheel and some glass polish ("Rhodite", as it turns out).

Anyway, it worked like a charm. I'd definitely recommend this approach for any glass scratches that aren't too deep.

The bottom of the page at:


shows the procedure, although it's pretty hard to capture the details (like the scratch itself) with photos.

Ed Scherer
'90 928S4

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