Intake Painting - Alodine Base

Intake Painting - Alodine Base

Hi All,
There has been continued discussion regarding the painting of intakes, cam covers etc. Bob East was kind enough to email me today reminding me of an additional process in the care and feeding of said engine parts. Thank you, Bob. Specifically, Alodine. I had hesitated in posting this process for a couple of reasons.

1) It is a very nasty substance.

2) From the tone of most of the posts, I had a feeling that most people were looking for an easier process.

However, for those interested, I'll give you the rundown.

After the parts have been stripped and blasted, they should be washed with an etching solution, then rinsed thoroughly with distilled water. Next, the parts are dipped in the Alodine solution. They will take on a golden color (lighter or darker depending on time in solution) with iridescent over tones. (Similar to stainless that has been heated). Prior to painting, rinse again in distilled water.

Alodine actually penetrates the Aluminum and is as close to a "bullet proof" coating as you can get. Even more so than Anodizing. We used it at "The Rocket Ranch" on flight hardware and, it's also used in the aircraft industry.

After the the part has been Alodined, it can be painted in any fashion desired. Powder, conventional, etc. If painting conventionally, I still recommend a primer simply because it gives you an even color substrate on which to apply the basecoat.

The Aluminum-Prep and Alodine can be obtained at some automotive paint suppliers or, if you can't find it anywhere else, Wicks Aircraft Supply has it. Their URL is listed below.

www.wicks.com/aircraft/english/index.html (This takes you right to the page with the metal preps). Hope this is of some help to those interested. If anyone has further questions, comments, etc. Please feel free to drop me a line...

Happy Trails,
Dave Shaeffer
1985 S Auto Shieferblau ober Dunkelblau

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