Cam Tower Leak Repair

Cam Tower Leak Repair

>I've got some pretty bad oil leaks from at least one of my cam towers. It's
>causing a nasty smell inside the car from oil leaking onto my exhaust.
>How tough is it to replace the gaskets in the cam towers? My local shop
>wants $250 per side, but it looks to me to be fairly easy. Am I missing
>something? Does anyone have a step-by-step for this?

With some luck, it'll only be the caps at the rear of the towers that are the source. These have their own gaskets and can be readily changed with a 1/4-drive 10mm socket. Small hands also help:) (all of which requires air box removal, of course).

If it is in fact the gasket between the tower and the head, the manual says you can remove the tower (heads too) with the engine in the car. It'll be a bear and be ready with the magnet to extract the 6 (per side) allen head bolts accessed thru the holes in the tower. Once you loosen them, unless the allen wrench is magnetic, the angle will probably result in the bolt falling off the socket as you try to extract it. No big deal, except when you try install them.

Hopefully, it'll be the more commonly found rear cap leak.

David Lloyd
Farmington, CT
79 Euro 5.0 track car

I replaced my camtower seals this weekend on my 84s heres how:

84s Camtower end cap seal replacement.

Tools required:
10,13mm socket
10mm box wrench
Small Flathead screwdriver
Good solvent (gumout carb & choke cleaner)
Brass brush

1. Remove Air filter & box
a. remove straps top & filter
b. remove passenger side breather hose
c. remove 13mm bolts and carefully lift out the airbox
d. remove bailclip on O2 sensor with small flathead disconnect plug

2. Thoroughly clean the caps and surrounding area with solvent & a rag

3. Passenger side cap removal
a. remove 10mm bolt with harness strap an exhaust breather stay
(Note: this bolt is slightly longer than the rest)
b. Jack the car up and get to the other 2 10mm bolts from the bottom
(Its just easier to get at them from the bottom due to the harness & Breather in your way.)
c. Pull the cap off with your hands.

4. Driver side cap removal
a .his side is easy just remove all 3 10mm bolts from the top
(There is not a whole lot of stuff in your way)
b. Pull the cap off with your hands.

4. Clean off old gasket with putty knife solvent & brass brush
(Do not score the surface of the cap)

5. Spray solvent on a clean rag and wipe the down the back of the camtower
(make sure this area is free from debree)

6. Seal preparation
a. Apply Yamabond 4 to cap wait 1 minute apply seal
b. Apply Yamabond 4 to the seal wait a minute and install

7. Installation
a. The reverse of removal.
b. Tighten bolts evenly and not too tight!!!! You will crush the cork gasket!

8. Assemble the airbox

9 Enjoy

84s Black 5 speed

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