Rear Wiper not Moving

Rear Wiper not Moving

1986 rear wiper interface to the drive motor 'detaches' from the drive and then 'clicks', the wiper blade does not move, on each rotation of the drive motor. I have examined the drive motor/shaft that is exposed and the 'pin' that is on the hatch that fits into the motor/shaft that is on the car body. the pin is a little worn but not badly. The drive motor/shaft is spring enforced and is designed to push in if the pin on the hatch does not mate correctly with the motor/shaft. How stiff should the spring pressure be? I can push down with 1 finger. Anybody experienced this slippage and have a fix?

BTDT. The splines between the arm and the post are toast and slipping. New or used assy, cheap fix. Call your favorite of the big three for parts. You might even just tughten the nuts under the little plastic (Aluminum if old) covers over the shaft ends at the bottom of the arms.

Good Luck.
Jay Kemp

The "pin" on the moveable arm has enough room on it to add a small extension. I added a small screw and it has worked flawlessly for years.

Merry motoring, Ed.

I can push mine down with one finger too, but my wiper works fine. Must be something in the alignment of the pin on the wiper base or the drive plate.

Don Burrows
87 S4 A/T

I drilled out the old worn pin on the moveable arm, did the tap and die thing and screwed in an appropriately sized aluminium grease fitting (it's a threaded bolt on one end and a round head on the other). It fits into the motor driven link perfectly and works like a charm--and because of the smooth, round head it doesn't damage the fitting on the motor side. Also, because it's made of aluminium, it'll wear out before it wears out the fitting linked to the motor.

Robert Smallwood
86.5 928S Auto
Sydney Australia

I finally found an easier fix for my inoperative rear wiper than I would have thought. If anyone's rear wiper does not work, but you can hear the motor cycling, check the nut that attaches the the wiper to the hatch-lid! #8^o I lifted off the little cap at the base of the wiper and could turn the nut by hand (the orange
loctite was deteriorated). Torqued the hell out of it and good as new!

Alan Jones
87 s4 Black/Tan

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