Club Sport Description

Club Sport Description

> I have the opportunity to buy a pristine 928 CS, and I would like to know
> first, who knows anything about these cars.

I do - and I'd buy a real one in a nanosecond if I had the opportunity.

The 928 Club Sport was Porsche's effort to place more emphasis on the performance and less emphasis on the comfort and luxury of a 928. This was mainly achieved through weight reduction by deleting things like the rear wiper, radio, sound deadening material, sunroof, seat motors. The CS also got a lighter wiring harness and a smaller A/C compressor. Ultimately, they shaved off almost 300lbs.

For running gear, the CS engine had different cams, pistons that were guaranteed to give a 10:1 compression ratio in all 8 cylinders (standard 928 pistons can vary .6 in CR), different brains that raised the redline and increased the idle speed. The result was 326HP over the standard 316.

The transaxle hosted different gear ratios and a ring&pinion tooth design (the Klingelnberg palloid tooth system) that Porsche used in their racing cars. The exhaust system was lighter and used two tailpipes. The shift rod was 20mm shorter which shortened shift travel by 10%

Wheels were specific to the CS and featured forged rims with larger vent holes. Widths were 8" in front and 9" in the rear, both with 60mm offsets. The rear also used 17mm spacers to increase the rear track by 19mm.

Finally, the Club Sport wore large CS decals on the front fenders.

In my opinion, if 928s ever become collectible, the Club Sport would be the most collectible version of all variations.

> Second is a 928 any good on the track?

928s are extremely good on the track. A 928 CS would be phenomenal.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

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