Windshield Rattle Solved

Windshield Rattle Solved

If anyone has an annoying rattle coming from the front windshield area it pays to check the aluminium trim between the front windshield and the rain deflector. Tapping the trim will tell you if is loose and rattling at high speed. Remove by using a small piece of wood and hammer to delicately tap the small joiner between the vertical strip and the horizontal top trim. Mine simply pulled straight off at this point. It is held loosely by a small metal clip at each end. I cured mine by gently crimping the edge of the strip to give it more bite and applying a little weatherstrip adhesive. Hardest part of reinstalling is remembering to put the small joiner back on before installation. Totally cured this rattle but now the center vent rattle is even more noticeable. Arrrghh.
John McDermott
1982 928 AT

John McDermott wrote yesterday about the screen trim rattle. God, I wish I'd seen that article six months ago! I spent literally dozens of hours hunting down exactly that problem.... and FYI it sounded like it was something loose inside the door. I had the door linings off and on so many times I wore out the nylon panel clips!

Maurie Hill
85 928S2 Schwarz/Schwarz

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