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Halfshaft Nuts - Spontaneous Loosening!

Halfshaft Nuts - Spontaneous Loosening!

I was doing about 65mph on the freeway, in Portland, Oregon, when I heard this loud bang from the rear portion of the 928, and I then had no power to the wheels. I coasted to the next exit, and of course traffic got in my way so I could not make it to the parking lot I was trying for, and I stopped on the light rail tracks. Fortunately the train stopped too, and helped me call a tow truck. It was quite embarrassing, as I happen to know the train driver. None of the shop's mechanics have ever heard of this problem on a shark. The breakdown was caused by the bolts falling out of the axle where it attaches to the transmission, it did not damage anything except a rubber boot, and I am so glad that that is all it was. Check your nuts and bolts, Lew

Been there, done that. Put it back together in a parking lot with pliers, drove to a parts store and bought allen wrenches to tighten it and keep in the car.


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