Fire Extinguisher Quick Mount

Fire Extinguisher Quick Mount

> I need to install a fire extinguisher within reach of the driver. The
> floor rail next to the footwell looks like a good spot. Anything lurking
> within the rail (wires, etc.) that I ned to be concerned about when I
> start drilling? Is there a better location (extinguisher must be mounted
> metal-to-metal)?
> Craig Mahon
> '93 928 GTS

Craig, Devek sells a mount where you remove the console top between the seats, and screw the base mounting plate down there for events. I have one for my car, and it seems to work just fine. You might check with Devek about the legality of using it for your particular application. It only takes about 5 minutes to mount/dismount.

Don Hanson

There's a fire extinguisjer bracket that attaches to the front of the seat rails.



This is the one I ordered last year and installed in my beastie in about 10 minutes. I later transferred that mount to another car. I'm going to order the one mentioned below in David "Track Beast Meister" Lloyd's original email below:

>Call Stable Energies in NJ. They sell a "cross-wise under your knees"
>seat track mounted "bracket" that is relatively easy to install and not
>that expensive ($45). Meets all the PCA requirements. They'll also sell
>you the proper 2.5# extinguisher.
> 201 773 3177
> Talk to Bob or Laurette

-- David Chamberland
91 928GT

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