Broken Radio - No Sound

Broken Radio - No Sound

I'm no longer getting any sound from the radio. It's a Blaupunkt 'Monterey', and I get lights when I turn it on, I can tune in stations, but no sound - not even a hiss when I crank it up.

There isn't a fuse listed for the amp (I'm assuming that I have an amp somewhere) and the fuse for the radio is fine - any suggestions?

Chris Fullerton
'86.5 928S 5 speed...

The amplifier is located under the the rear hatch release button on the right side of the car. This is a "hidden" compartment that houses the amp. Unscrew the knobs, one located on each end of the compartment, and pull up. There are wires attached to the rear hatch switch. Pull them off, enabling you to remove the cover entirely. Now, with my situation, there were two wires connected to a coil. One of my wires became unattached. I soldered the wire back in place and my system returned to normal

David Schaum

This was exactly the problem!

It was a simple matter of removing the coil & resoldering the wire. I imagine that this might be a pretty common problem - at least on my car, the wire (stranded copper, about 16 ga) was attached to a solid wire 'post' (probably about 18-20 ga) and the connection wasn't that good. The side of the wire was the only connection point, and that's where it broke off. I cleaned off all the old solder, and made sure that there was a good connection, and things are all back to normal.

Thanks for the help!

Chris Fullerton

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