Painting the Center Caps

Painting the Center Caps

> How easy to paint the wheel crests? has anybody
> tried it? is there a painting kit out there?

I painted my own. Just go to a hobby store and buy the paints (nice glossy red, gold, black, and clearcoat is what I used). Cost about $12 including turpentine and a brush. It took an hour or two, but was fun and they came out looking great.

Mike Briggs

Ditto to Mike's reply. Only problem I have is that the clear coat eventually turned yellow from the sun. That looks kind of nasty so I've peeled most of the clear off of the non-emblem part (flat area).

Vincent H. Soo

If you use hobby shop paint, get "Model Master" paint. They have "Guards Red." I also used "Classic Black", "Bright Yellow", and "Gold." Turned out great. If you don't want to try, there is a guy on the 911 list that will paint them all for $60. Let me know and I'll give you his email.

Mike C.

There's also a guy on the 944 list who will do it for $40, which goes to a
charity he set up in his mother's name. If you're interested, I can get
you his email address.

Mike Briggs

Just thought Id pass along a quick idea/tip im in the middle off. I recently used paint pens (TESTORS enamel at Hobbytown) to spruce up the letters in my intake manifolds and valve covers. BLACK PORSCHE........and RED 32V. I then thought what about the center caps on the wheels? I purchased a GOLD pen and along with the RED and BLACK i went to work. I'm amazed. With a little patience, they look great!!!

1. remove and clean off the caps...tooth brush..water...whatever
2. start with the GOLD areas
3. then the BLACK areas
4 finish with the RED areas
5. and mask around the "crest" and spray with clear coat

The reason i did it in this order is that you are starting with the "recessed" areas first and then finsish with the raised areas in RED After 4 caps I found this to be the best way. The paint goes on very easiliy and if you screw it up or dont like it just clean them off again with thinner.

Tony in Vegas

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