Major Audio Upgrade for 86.5 928S

Major Audio Upgrade for 86.5 928S

I love quality sound and bass is a must. FWIW, here is what I did:

1 Alpine CD receiver with removable face

1 Set of Infinity Kappa Separates for the doors. These are expensive but are one of the best speaker systems on the market. The set includes two tweeters and two mid-ranges. They fit in the stock door compartments with very little work and I use the STOCK covers. The set comes with an individual crossover for each door. The cross over only allows high frequencies to the tweeters and mid frequencies to the mid-range speakers.

1 Set of Infinity 6 1/2" Reference speakers for behind the seats. They fit in the stock speaker compartments perfectly and I use the STOCK covers.

Disconnected the small speakers in the back by the rear hatch. (no useful sound comes from them)

1 Rockford Fozgate 10" Series One Band-pass tube. This is the BASS. It was placed in the back long ways across the rear compartment right behind the rear seats. This is an excellent way to go because if you should need the space one day, you can remove the tube and replace it when ever you wish.

The rear Infinity Reference speakers are powered by the Alpine which puts out 20 watts by 4 channels. I'm obviously only using two.

The separates in the doors and the tube in the back are powered by a Rockford Fozgate Punch 400a. The two front channels send approx. 75 watts each to the separates. The rear two channels are bridged and crossed over for low frequencies only to the tube at approx. 150 watts.

The key to success is to purchase quality items from a quality shop who can design a system that suites YOUR car. The technology of the amplifiers coming from companies like Rockford Fozgate and Phoenix Gold far surpasses the capabilities of the stock amp so I don't use it. I told the sales rep. that I didn't want to make my neighbor's house shake with my system, however, I wanted to know I could if I wish to.

I hope this gives you some good ideas.


David Schaum
86.5 928S Auto/Iris Blue Metallic

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