Speaker Removal on an '89

Speaker Removal on an '89

> With all the talk about speakers flying around, I now need to ask a stupid
> question. Will be "upgrading" the 10 speaker system on my '89, and while
> I have already planned it all out, one question still
> remains. What is the best way to get to the speakers in the back interior
> quarter panels. The woofer looks like it is top mounted and the grill
> should snap off, however I'm not going after it until I know exactly how it
>is done. The other speakers look like they have to be gotten to from behind.
> So if anyone has done or seen these speakers removed, let me know.

All of the speakers in the 10-speaker system in your 89 have pop-off grills. If you look closely around the back side edges of the grills you will find one or two small slots, use a small flat head screwdriver and carefully pop them off. You will then find the mounting screws and can easily remove all of the speakers without removing any interior panels.

FYI, If you do happen to crack one of the grills while removing them they are the cheapest of all the 928 grills so it will not hurt your wallet very much.

David Roberts

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