G Meter Homebrew

G Meter Homebrew

If anyone wants to build a basic G Meter unit and have the laptop in their car to do the recording it can be done with about $20 worth of parts and some software. I have circuit diagrams and software listings for a QBasic program which logs X&Y acceleration and lets you analyse it later (I used excel).

I progressed from that and ended up building a single-board computer which logs the inputs and displays intermediate results on an LCD display. That's what I used to do the runs I was writing about yesterday. But you don't need to go to those lengths, there's a one-chip accelerometer from Analog Devices (the ADXL202) and a one-chip A-D (MC145050P from Motorola) that simplify life to the point that anyone who's used a soldering iron (and doesn't mind strapping their laptop to a seat) could use.

Email me directly anyone who wants to take it on.

Philip Adamson
'87 S4 5 spd

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