Rear Wiper Gear Repair

Rear Wiper Gear Repair

Hi all....thought you might like to hear how a friend of mine fixed my rear wiper on my 87. The motor worked, but a gear was stripped and the motor just went through its cycle and nothing moved. We took apart the motor assembly and saw that the big nylon gear was stripped on the inner hole, so the rod that is inserted into it was not grabbing anything and no wipers. My friend drilled out the middle of the nylon gear to fit a nut....then used a hand file to file down each side into a six sided shape that would fit snug with the nut. The nut was then pressed onto the rod on top of the small teeth.....it presses well and is very strong. The nut was placed into its freshly cut home with a little glue on it to secure the fit for a long time. Re-assemble the unit...line up the female part that moves the wiper arm and you have a wiper that works great and will not slip under load.

My friend was the mastermind behind the job......and a great idea it was. The Porsche dealership said they do not sell the nylon gear separately and that I would have to order the whole assembly at some crazy cost...can't remember it now. So this alternative is much cheaper (a bolt and time is all that is required) and much stronger.

Hope this solves somebody's problem....Dan Becker '87 black/black , 5 speed

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