DE Insurance Available

DE Insurance Available

This isn't an endorsement or recommendation, just an FYI.

Cal Calamari (love that name) in Racing commented that Conseco Risk Management covered DE events as well as club racing. This was news to me, so I called 800-678-0361 x5381 and yakked with Ed Takamoto. The CRM program has changed. It is still a *supplemental* insurance policy that provides *only* on-track coverage. You must keep your regular daily auto insurance.

Policy covers 30 annual on-track days for club-sanctioned racing/DE events. You must be a PCA or POC member. A number of other clubs' events are covered as well, so long as the PCA/POC/Porsche ownership requirement is fulfilled. Minimum earned premium on the policy is $1850, and increases as the auto's value increases, capping at $150,000 vehicle value and $4750 in premium. There is a 10% deductible on the policy, subject to a $2500 minimum.

So far as I know, these are the only people in the U.S. doing this above-board without any worries as to cancellation, claims payment, grief, hair-pulling etc. I know the price makes you grind your teeth, but IMHO, those sound fair given the payout size and frequency typical on this sort of thing.

If you want more info, call CRM at the above phone #.

--Matt Robertson--

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