Internet Sites with Cars for Sale

Internet Sites with Cars for Sale

United States: - this allows for model specific searching

These are northeast specific....

Enjoy & Goodluck
Paul Esposito
85S 5-speed, Meteormetallic

Also, 928 Specialists (, Buxton Motorsports (, 928 international ( and Devek ( all have classified sections on their websites with cars for sale.

- michael

1988 928S4 A/T
Cassisrot metallic/Burg.->


Maybe some of you might be interested in the german shark market or just want to have a look how much they cost, here's my favorite address:
Just select PORSCHE in the first pull window, type 928 in the MODELL field and klick on SUCHEN. Today there are 65 hits from 4.800 to 59.000 Mark. You can see the second page if you click on WEITER at the bottom of the page. One german Mark is about 0.52 $. I visit this page every day, maybe someday I find my '94 or '95 GTS with low milleage and 5sp for a reasonable price.
'91 S4 Euro Auto (schiefergraumetallic)

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