Lether Rehab

Lether Rehab

Found a great place to all interested in giving their 928 leather some TLC. A Benz owner turned my on to a sight at If your seats are hurting (as mine were from PO neglect) then give these people a call. Its a family bussiness thats been around for a while and leather care is all they do.

I talked with a super nice lady named Krysti Pavlisko. The PO had my car out in the sun for 10 years with no window tint, was a slob, and also a heavy smoker. All this resulted in my cashmere leather being faded, hard, and yellowed with the pores filled with black S#$%! All the scrubbing and Lexol Cleaner in the world could not do anything for these seats. After using the Leatherique Rejuvinating Oil and Prestine Clean over the course of a few hours the seats have been transformed! I took some before and after shots and will need to get them developed and make them available to the list. The differance is amazing! No false advertising on their web sight. The leather is still faded (that will change soon as I am buying some of their dye) but is now much softer with zero dirt in the pores and the nasty yellow is gone. The seats have a nice creamy look to them and feel a bit softer. Can't say enough about this stuff. As a PCA member I was able to order their Rejuvinating Oil and got their Pristeen Clean conditioner and Prepping Agent (go to the sight for thier product explanation) all for the price of the oil alone.

I can't wait to get the dye so I can bring the color back. Going to remove all the cashmere interior leather parts from my car so I can do a great job with the dye. Sorry to ramble on but if I find a product that lives up to it's billing I have to let people know. And I can think of no better people to tell than the 928 group. Our cars deserve it.

Give Krysti Pavlisko a call and tell her that you heard about their place from me on the list. Tell her I'm the toy engineer with the 928. I told her I would give thier company exposure/praise if their products did what they claimed. They did and so I am.

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Larry Reynolds (Car Care Specialties) supplied me with what appears to me as a miracle product. I used the lexol cleaner to go over the whole interior (it wasn't that dirty). I then used the SURFLEX apply it, wipe it down lightly...let it sit 24 hours then wipe it down again. The seats were almost crunchy when you sat in them prior they're soft as (insert inappropriate analogy here). Amazing stuff. Like I said, I've never used anything else but I can't imagine any better results. You only use it once then switch to a conditioner.

Paul Esposito
85S 5-speed, Meteormetallic

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