Engine Cooling

Cooling Fan Replacement

Cooling Fan Replacement

> One of my electric cooling fans is making a slight grinding noise. Can
> the offending bearing be replaced, or must I splash out for an entire
> motor or what have you ?

Must replace the whole motor. You CAN do this without breaking open the cooling system. Most mechanics spec that at least the upper radiator hose has to be removed, fan shroud pulled etc. But if you are careful you can change one out in a short time without all the hassle. Roughly the steps are....

1) Disconnect power to both fans.
2) Remove top two bolts holding fan shroud down.
3) Gently unhook fan shroud from rad. support. There are tabs down a the bottom of the shroud that fit into slots, be careful not to stress these too much.
4) Hold fan shroud back with long tie wrap around strut tower brace. You will be pressing against the upper rad. hose, but it will be fine.
5) Remove C clamp that holds plastic fan to motor with straight edge, I used ruler against the open part of the clamp and tapped lightly with hammer. Came right off.
6) Carefully remove plastic fan, don't bang against rad. fins.
7) Unbolt old motor and remove.
8) New motors often come with new fan installed. If so, just remove fan and install new motor.
9) Carefully work plastic fan back down and mount on new motor, attach with new C clamp
10) Put everything back making sure tabs at bottom of shroud are in their slots.
11) Re-connect electrical, and test.

Adam S.
'89 Black 5sp.
'87 Silver Auto

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