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Blasting down the 400 Motorway

Blasting down the 400 Motorway

I had a blast today out on the 400 motorway, Let me tell you all about it:

As I walk out of the building and across the parking lot to my car, God she looks good, those line curves just the way I like them.. Sorry got side tracked. I got in and started her up, pulled out into the road and was making my way home, (about 30min drive..) Out of the corner of my eye I see two cars coming fast one blue one black, I know the black car that's a 993 but what is that blue one, Oh its that Viper again. As they pass me I pull up behind them and start to follow, faster and faster they get, Ramp for the 400 coming up, I like this ramp its a Uturn. 4th 3rd 2nd, hold that gear around and down the ramp and onto the 400, a little slide to the right as I put the power down and off I go after them, 3rd 4th 5th, caching them now, there go the 993 but were is that Viper, Oh there he is hiding in front of that truck, pull up behind him and a quick look at the speedo 250k, He puts his down, now why did you have to do that when all I wanted to do was look at your car..? Here comes the 993 "whoosh" Well it looks like the chase is on, clutch in back to 4th clutch out foot down and away I go. 280k 285k 300k and the clock is still ticking.. Hey guys, you can run but you can't hide, ready or not here I come. Oops, what was that white car parked along the side of the road? Oh no OPP blue lights flashing, here he come, Sorry guys but Im out of here, Next exit coming up, cut across and get off the 400, hard on the brakes, right turn, there he goes after the 993 and viper. Wow, got a lucky brake this time. Better mark that spot so I know were they hide.. Back onto the 400 and home...

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