Warm/Hot Start Problems

Warm/Hot Start Problems

>Hi, Gang!! My '78 has been having occasional problems with warm/hot starts
>lately. After listening and poking around a bit, it seems like the fuel pump
>relay isn't always getting power when I crank the engine.

Locate the fuel pump relay and pry open the casing with a very small blade screwdriver. If you look carefully on the printed circuit board, solder side, you'll probably see a few cold solder joints. Specifically two big joints that make up the contacts for the fuel pump power circuit. Resolder these pads with a good, hot solder iron. Has to be at least a 35 wattage type. That should do the trick.

Believe it or not, I have to do this on both of my sharks, and just last week, on my wife's Volvo. I'm convinced that this is problematic for all fuel pump relays, regardless of manufacturer. The printed circuit boards are usually wave-soldered during manufacture. Because the relay's frame body sink alot of heat so quickly that it causes cold solder joints to form. Folks, do yourself a big favor and check your fuel pump relay as described above. Whether its new or old.

Vince Yu
'83 928S
'78 928

My problem was hard starting after hot or been driven. My mechanic replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump check valve and the accumulator. It was the accumulator. I have a 78 Euro. The accumulator is located in the passenger side rear wheel -well. You will see a door there. I paid some bucks for troubleshooting and replacement. All 3 parts were cheap. However, troubleshooting and labor was not!

Excel Sam

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