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Horn Ring Wiper Adjustment

Horn Ring Wiper Adjustment

Just finished replacing the stationary horn wiper contact. Had to replace the entire headlight/wiper/cruise switch assembly (new~$130!)to get the new wiper contact.

I searched to find the correct distance to clamp the new assembly on the steering column. Couldn't find help in repair manual, list, etc. Hmmmmmm ?

The old wiper leaf contact was to close to the steering wheel ring conact. This allowed the ring to wear through the leaf contact near the attachment rivet and as a result the leaf contact was eventually severed and fell off.

The switch assembly clamp has enough adjustment range to be clamped to close (leaf contact will wear through at other than the appropriate contact point on the leaf) or to far away (no electrical contact) from the steering wheel ring contact.

Best way I found to adjust is to visually inspect the steering wheel horn ring and stationary leaf contact point by looking from the right side of the steering column. With the steering wheel installed, the steering wheel horn ring should just depress (and not flatten) the leaf contact at the raised "bump" part of the leaf.

The adjustment collar clamp nut of the switch assembly (8mm) can be easily reached at the bottom of the switch assembly in order to move the switch assembly in/out small amounts (+/- a few mm).

Yes, the old part broke off in traffic, horns stuck ON, had to pull the horn relay to silence horns !

Thought that the experience may be of interest to the list.


Tom Robertson
'84 928S U.S., 5spd.

I just went through a similar exercise with switches in converting my '90 944 S2 from the factory airbag wheel to the 968 CS 3-spoke wheel. In the process I successfully tracked down the part number for the horn contact, which just snaps into the airbag wheel switch... and voila, you have a non-airbag configuration. It should also work with any non airbag switch since 911s and 928s use the same switch for either configuration. For non airbag you snap in the horn contact... for airbag you attach the rotary airbag gizmo. The part number is 928-652-104-00 and it was less than $4.00 net cost :-)

I adjusted mine the same way you did it, but I applied a thin coat of Sil-Glyde to the horn ring and contact.

Tom Pultz
Redmond, Washington, USA - Pacific NW Region PCA
'90 944 S2 Coupe, Guards Red/Black
'89 944 Turbo, Guards Red/Linen - son Scott's

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