Power Window is "Slow"

Power Window is "Slow"

I had a "slow" power window regulator on the right side. I had to do some trim and speaker repair to that door and when I had removed the panel I could see that the nylon idler wheel for the power window had split. PO must have known about this because the stops had been reset to allow the window to travel up further. A dangerous situation when you consider that the window could have popped out of the track and fallen. After my local dealer swore up and down that no replacement wheel was available and that I was looking at an entire regulator assembly, Dave Roberts provided me with a new wheel and pin for a couple of bucks. I was not surprised that these arrived in Porsche part bags, the local dealer is an idiot. In the mean time I had a brass wheel machined (when I thought nothing was available) but decided not to use it as I was concerned about rattle. The window did rattle before the repair but is fine now. Just a hint for anybody attempting this repair; don't forget to clamp the window glass in the closed position. This is easily accomplished by opening up a hose clamp and then fastening it around the tubed track so the window cannot fall.


'81 928 Pewter

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