Starting is Intermittent

Starting is Intermittent

> I have an intermittent electrical problem. On some occasions my 928S will
> not start. There is no sound, sans the relay click. I noticed that the
> headlights will dim but all the lights on the instrument cluster stay on. I
> had the starter a rebuilt couple of days back. Then happened this evening
> in front of David Robert's house. I thought it was heat related since it
> never fails in the morning, but after jiggling the ignition, moving the A/T
> selector up and down a few times it just started. I have no idea what caused
> the problem or why it now works. >>

Intermittent ignition switch...common problem when hot (relatively). To confirm, next time it happens ONLY jiggle the key as you hold it in the 'START' position (don't touch anything else). The proper 'jiggle' approach is to hold the key in the start position, not allowing it to return to the run position, while at the same time moving the key in 'circular' motion as best you can. While you are rotating the key in this manner, you should find that it starts right up. If so, problem is confirmed. You may find that this 'cleaning' method may result in elimination or reduction of future 'no start' events, thereby eliminating the need to replace the switch (at least until the problem returns or becomes more frequent).

Steve - 87S4/auto/GPW

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