Battery Replacement Options

Battery Replacement Options

I need a new battery for the shark. Any opinions/suggestions on a good aftermarket battery (brand/model #). What are you guysusing?

Dana '85 928S

I use Porsche Batteries personally, but you can get as good or maybe even better one at Sears or NTB. It is the Sears Diehard Part # 22836249, retail is $106.99 , but mention a trade discount and you can get it for around $89. Fits all 78-86(early) 928s.

David Roberts

My 86 came with a Interstate battery. I replaced that battery this Spring with a Auto Zone brand (1/2 the cost, $60) and it works great. I am unsure of the group size but, any battery dealer can tell what size you need... only one group size fits properly.

86' 928s

Interstate MTP-91.

Merry motoring, Ed.

I can tell you what NOT to use...the Optima that is supposed to fit the 928 is too tall and the posts will touch the top of your battery box cover.

We use Sears, Exide, Porsche (Douglas), all with about equal success.

Susan Kirby

When I picked up my blk 88, the PO was kind enough to put in a new battery. Two days later while traveling through a massive road construction site, the car up and died. With no where to pull off and the flag lady going bersek, the car started to fill w/ smoke from the rear. Seems as though the positive cable shorted out on the lid.

p.s. go to Wal-mart, code # 42-4 me thinks. Really inexpensive, major brand, direct replacement and exc waranty.

I'll second that. I have two characteristic "burn" spots on my battery compartment lid that indicate one of the PO's had a similar "exciting" incident. The advice about choosing the correct battery is warranted.

Dave Kelly
88 S4 Indischrot/Tan

FYI, if you look on the Porsche battery and most of the other good batteries you will notice 2 small holes on the outside edge of the recessed area near the positive terminal. These are receptacles for the hinged "Positive Pole Cover" that came on your 928 originally and is still available from Porsche. It will keep the positive connector from hitting the battery compartment lid even if you don 't have it properly secured with the battery hold down bracket.

Part # is 999.611.104.00, Porsche's retail is $2.65, but it can be bought for less at certain places .

David Roberts

Thanks to everyone who responded to my battery question. "Interstate" seems to be the favorite, but only by a small margin and obviously just from the people who replied. So what was my choice? Duralast (AutoZone). A couple of folks said they used them with no problems, and my reasoning for buying one was: 1)AutoZone was on the way home. 2)They have a 2 year warranty. 3)The price was only $55.95 USD. It was a group 49 exact replacement for the 928. It had the same dimensions as the "Prostart" brand I replaced. Plus, this is a maintenance-free battery, and that's what I wanted this time. Oh yeah, it had a plastic cover for the positive post. :-)

Thanks again, everybody!
Dana '85 928S

The battery on my '87 S4 died recently, after procrastinating for a while I finally got around to getting a
new one. I checked the "928 Tips" website and found a number of posts on batteries with a good recommendation for DuraLast in a group 49 size at Autozone and since they were right near my office I went there with the old Interstate. The counterman looked in his computer and said I needed a group 49, although this was larger than the one I took out, I did remember the post and bought the 49, rather than the group 48 I had removed. It had been a few days since I had actually removed the battery and in thinking about the size of the battery lid, the 49 looked right. But whne I got home, no fit. There is a bump in the bottom of the battery box, so it was back to Autozone and swap for the group 48. After the extra trip, everything went well except I'm still working on reprogramming th radio stations.

Greg Phillips
'87 928S4 schwarz 5spd with new battery group 48
'87 928S4 cherryrot
'86 928S meteorgraumetallic 5spd

I don`t think there`s too much magic involved in battery choice; I just use the biggest John Deere battery that fits in the hole. This is a small tractor battery and it`s outlived the original Porsche battery 3x
(Price1/3 x)
Tim Cooper

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