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Blower Motor not Running at all

Blower Motor not Running at all

My fresh air blower is dead. It stopped. no warning at all. One day I wanted to turn on the blower to get some fresh air and nothing. It does not work with AC or heat on.

Any Ideas?

I was wondering could it be related to the climate control sensor /fan in the dash( the little black round thing to the left of the glove box). It was making a whining noise so I sprayed some wd 40 into it. it still made some noise, but then it stopped. and a couple days later I wanted to turn on the fan and nothing.

The blower ran fine with no noise previously so I think I can rule out bad bearings in the fresh air blower. I also checked the fuse. Any ideas??

86 928s

Firstly, spraying WD40 onto electrical parts will not cause a short. WD40 is used all the time on switches, contacts, motors, etc. without any ill effects. The WD40 probably did its thing and eliminated the noise that was being heard.

Secondly, regardless of the operation of the sensor fan or not, the sensor itself would still function (although not as accurately due to lack of air flow circulation). And, the main blower should still work by rotating the control knob.

Steve - 87S4/auto/GPW

When you sprayed WD-40 into the cabin temp sensor you also sprayed the little fan behind it. My guess is that the fan is now shorted. The whole system is affected by this. Replace that fan and all should work properly. The fan on my 86 shorted when I tried to lubricate it. The whole system stopped working until I replaced the fan. YMMV.

Merry motoring, Ed.

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