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Bulb Replacement - Console

Bulb Replacement - Console

Not too hard to replace the shifter light. There is a nice picture in the workshop manual. It may be a little difficult to visualize.

a. remove the screw that holds the shift lever in place. It is at the base of the handle on the button side. Be careful, don't let the spring pop out. The little shims that hold the button in place can drop down between the seat and can be a pain to extract (who did this?).

b. Scoot the flex that covers the shift-run to expose a little arm in the hole to the rear of the shift-run. The arm is what locks the center shift cover in place. Push the arm to unlock the plate.

c. Scoot both of the plastic runs that cover the hole back together aroung the base of the shifter. Gently pry the shift plate up to expose the bulb.

d. Replace the bulb and install the reverse order. It may take a few tries to get the plate set just in the correct alignment.


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