Engine wont Start

Engine wont Start

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to relay the events of last week that occurred with my car in the hopes that it may help someone who suffers similar symptoms. I went out to start the car last Wednesday and it would not start. It turned over fine but would not catch. I then noticed that there was a ticking noise coming from under the hood. I followed the noise and it seemed to come from the fuel rail. It seemed to me that the injectors
were firing (with the engine off!!) with the key in the on position. I tried disconnecting the battery, and switching out fuel pump and LH Jetronic Relays to no avail. The noise remained and the car would not start.

I called David Roberts who diagnosed it right away as a bad fuel computer. I had already figured that by this time but there was that glimmer of hope until David said the words. Ouch !!!! $1,000 later with the new computer in my hands I installed it and the car fired right up and runs great as always. A big thanks to David; I called him at about 5:30 PM on Wednesday and he had the computer in my hands by Friday morning. Incredible service as always.

I did have some symptoms leading up to this so its not a complete surprise. Every once in a while, especially if it was hot out or I had a passenger the car would start then slowly die no matter how much gas you gave it. After a few rounds of that, it would fire up and run fine. Once it was running OK, it would drive fine and not stall again until you turned it off and tried to re start it. I added this part so if anyone is experiencing similar symptoms, look out !!! I don't know why the heat effects it. I suspect that a passenger effects it by tapping on the computer when they get in the car since it is at their feet. It could all be coincidence that it failed at those times too.

One last tip. I got the Porsche rebuilt, 2 year guarantee computer. It has a $50 core charge. David suggest eating the core charge and keeping the dead computer as a backup because he thinks it won't be long until they figure out how to fix these things. Sorry so long.

Steve Lewis
87 S4 auto
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