Climate Control

Outside Temperature Sensor Testing/Cleaning

Outside Temperature Sensor Testing/Cleaning

>Does anyone
>know how the devices (inside and outside temp sensors) can be tested.
>Are they simple resistive devices that change resistance based on
>applied temp (thermistors). If so what are their working ranges and why
>isn't this in the "Book".

I started at the outside temp sensor: it was electrically open all the time. The new one is 3.5 kOhm ambient and resistance drops while heated with a hair dryer, The old one I opened up and found a fixed resistor in parallel with an NTC resistor. Only then I noticed the connectors attached to the wires that go inside the black plug were corroded. You can pull them out of the backside of the plug. They made no contact to the pins that are fixated into the plug.

The other sensor is my next project.
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