Side-view Mirror Adjustment/Removal

Side-view Mirror Adjustment/Removal

If you have a loose mirror, it can easily be adjusted. From the outside of the car, grab the mirror - and swivel it towards the front of the car. You will see a torx head cap stud. Get the correct torx driver and tighten... : ) Don't loosen though - if you do, and the backing nut falls off inside the door - you'r not gonna be happy while the mirror dangles against the paint while you remove the door panel!!


You should be able to remove the Allen head mirror base mount bolt without the internal threaded plate falling into the door, yours may have been damaged previously. I have however thought it was going to happen, but so far I have removed countless mirrors without hearing that dreaded "clunk" !!

David Roberts

I would like to thank the folks who helped me out with sourcing the Extraction Tool listed in the 928 Shop manuals. The PORSCHE book does not list a PORSCHE p/n for it and after spending a while at the "Dealer" they were unable to supply me with info.

The "Extraction Tool" I needed when repairing my side mirror was in fact a "common" electrical tool

The list prompted me to check with AMP & Radio Shack. After a visit to the local MB Dealer, I actually saw one (& got the p/n). It was then I was able to purchase it from an online dealer such as DigiKey

it's an AMP #305183 Extraction Tool (about $12-15)
& after all that bother, I didn't even need it!

alex v.
'86 928S auto / meteor metallic

I bought some GTS mirrors for my S4 recently, and in preparation for installing them I mail ordered an
AMP contact extraction tool (AMP part # 305183) for $16. This tool allows you to remove the wires from
the various male/female white plastic plug connectors that are everywhere on our cars.

Last Sat I was at a local parts store and found a more versatile Lisle tool that does the same thing as the
AMP tool for $5 less. The Lisle number is 56500 - Wire Terminal Tool - and it's set up to handle various size contacts while the AMP tool only handles one. You can see it on the Specialty Tools/Catalog/Electrical section of their website at http://www.lislecorp.com

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

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