Headlights not Lighting

Headlights not Lighting

Neither brights nor regular lights function. Is there a position switch in the headlight train that tells the system when the lights are fully up, so that they can light? If so, where is it? I can hear the relays clicking when I try brights, so I don't _think_ it is a relay problem, although I could be wrong. I strongly suspect the switch (if there is one) that tells when the lights are up is the culprit.

'82 5sp red/camel leather

When troubleshooting a problem with my headlights, I found how lights-up is sensed. There are 4 wires that go to the motor, they go thru a cam and contact system in the gearbox to power the motor - and to sense that the lights are all the way up and can then turn on.

The 4 wires are individually connected to the motor, I suppose it's possible that one of the wires got pulled off when the car was shipped. If you have to take them off, make sure to label them first if they're not already.

Dan Larson (danlarson@rennlist.com)
1984 928S US Auto GrandPrixWeiss/Burgundy

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