Damper Reuse

Damper Reuse

Last week there was a thread on changing pads from street to track (and back again) and what to do about the dampers. Since I'm signed up for the DE at Summit Point, I thought I'd break in some new pads (thanks DR) and see if I could reuse the dampers and sensors. I just did the front pads as the rears have plenty left.
1)Remove the caliper from the wheel carrier, 2 bolts (10mm allen socket)
2)Remove pads with sensors and dampers attached
3)Carefully remove the sensors (these things crack too damn easy)
4)Use a putty knife to remove the dampers - they come off easy.
5) Clean the old adhesive off the damper with brake cleaning fluid
6)Put dampers back in pistons and use C-clamp to move pistons back to make room for new pads.
7) Coat dampers with thin layer of adhesive (I used some stuff called Squeal Silencer from PEP Boys)
8) Slide the pads in - clean up excess adhesive
9) Slide caliper back onto wheel carrier and torque the bolts
10)attach the sensors - carefully

I took it out for a spin, no noise. We'll see after a couple hundred miles.

Joe Rausa

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