Mirror Came Loose

Mirror Came Loose

>My left-side wing mirror came apart where it swivels forward. I removed the allen
>screw that holds the assembly to the door, now it is just dangling there.
>How do I get the mirror off the car so I can reattach the mirror to the base?
>Terry Kozo
>87 S4 A/T GPW W/injured left fin.

Your side mirror can be reattached relatively easily. You really don't want to remove it completely. I recently had the same thing happen to mine.

There is a hollow threaded bolt which is spring loaded that holds the mirror to its base. When properly connected, this is what pops the mirror back into place when you swivel it. It sounds like the hollow bolt came unthreaded. You can see it from the bottom of the base, it is recessed with a wire harness coming out through the middle of it. You simply need to rethread this bolt back into the mirror housing.

Since the mirror assembly is already off to the door, look at the bottom of the mirror base and notice how the wire bundle comes out of the hollow bolt. Take a large flat head screw driver, wide enough to fit in the middle of the bolt, and insert it there. Gently push the wire bundle aside with the screw driver (it's a tight fit), being careful NOT to pinch any of the wires. Firmly press down on the hollow bolt and turn clockwise to catch the threads in the mirror housing. This can be a little tricky, you will need a good grip on the mirror and the screw driver, that little spring inside is pretty stiff. Also there is not alot of slack in the wire harness coming out of the door. Once you get it threaded, give the hollow bolt one good turn, but dont overtighten it. This should get your mirror back in operation. Hope this helps.

Bill Wilson
87' S4 Auto

BTW, you need a 12mm serrated bit in order to retighten this bolt. Got mine
from Southern Auto Supply for about $12. Manufactured by Plew Tools.

Vince Yu
'83 928S
'78 928

Mine came loose (83S) and I simply used an allen wrench to remove the base (a single bolt is located under the post and exposed when you push mirror forward). I was able to free enough slack in the mirror motor control wires that run though the hollow bolt to turn the mirror assembly upside down (achor a towel or suitable cover over the door so you don't scratch the paint with the assembly). I then used a needle nose pliers to grab the lip of the hollow bolt, pressed down hard and rotated to the right to engage the threads). It worked like a champ. Then reinstall. Total repair time is 10 minutes.

John Eifert
1983 928S US AT Platinum/Burgandy

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