Fuel Injector Removal, 928S4

Fuel Injector Removal, 928S4

I've decided to remove my fuel injectors and send them in to Marren Motor Sports (www.injector.com) for rebuilding. I started the removal process about an hour ago, and everything seemed to be going great, but I can't seem to get the fuel rails to come out. I have removed the fuel lines from the ends of the rails and removed the 2 pairs of nuts that secure the rails to the intake manifold. I can wiggle the rails and see all the injectors moving, but when I try to lift straight up on the rail the injectors will not come loose from their holes. I thought the only thing holding them in there were some 12-year-old O-rings, so I was very surprised when they did not come right out.

BTW, I've heard others mention difficulty loosening the nuts on the fuel lines. I was able to loosen them successfully using a 19mm flare wrench on the nut and a 15mm open-end wrench to counterhold.

+Greg Nichols
'87 S4

I had the same problem when I removed mine. Try a tiny bit of WD-40 and a gentle rocking motion while lifting. Worked for me, hope it helps you.

Happy Trails,
Dave Shaeffer
1985 S Auto (Blauhai)

Thanks for the help. I just got the rails out. Based on the suggestions, I sprayed WD-40 onto the place where the injectors plug into the intake manifold. Then, after an hour, I used a prybar with a right-angle end to gently pry the rail up, alternating between both ends and the middle. It came up nicely with no damage. I used a leather glove to protect the cylinder head cover from being scratched.

+Greg Nichols

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