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Fluid Level Check without a Lift, 1991 <P>

Fluid Level Check without a Lift, 1991

So we all have problems checking this due to the fact the fluid bottle is recessed and the car is too low to crawl under, unless you are 5 or under. Here is a home remedy which worked for me after having various technicians overfill the transmission (see other tips for getting the level right).

Go of to your local auto accessory shop (Al's worked for me) and buy an inspection mirror, mine is circular about 2" in diameter and is on the end of an 18" telescopic rod. I have seen larger rectangular mirrors which would probably be better but I couldn't find them at the time.

Get a torch [or a flashlight, if you're in the US] which can be propped up at an angle either with its own stand or a suitable implement.

It is best to set up in a garage or in low light conditions otherwise there is too much glare from various angles, angle the torch to shine light directly at the fluid resovoir, preferably where the fluid level marks are
indicated !!

Now practice getting the angle right with the mirror before you start the engine, you will still have to put your head under the car but not very far. Once you have it right it is pretty easy the next time.

Start the car and follow directions for correct fluid level, mind your hands don't get too near the exhaust.

Hope this helps out,
Chris Ford

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