Door Panel Removal, 1991 <P>

Door Panel Removal, 1991

1. Remove the center cap of the round door lock release mechansism & remove the screw holding the knob (if this is the first time it has been removed it will be stiff due to use of thread lock compound). Unscrew the round trim piece.

2. Remove the trim around the door release handle by removing recessed screw and lifting trim upwards.

3. Disconnect and remove the mirror and memory seat switches.

4. Remove the rectangular door panel (leather insert) in the center of the door, just above the armrest. The top is held in by two snaps, one on the rear top corner and one in the middle top. Pull or pry the top edge out away from the door to release them. Lift up the panel to disengage the two spring clips at the bottom edge. Remove bolts, two are hidden behind plastic covers.

5. Remove the heater vent trim ring in the inside of the door, you can pry the release tabs very carefully with a small screwdriver. Remove the bolt inside.

6. Open the armrest compartment door. There are two bolts in there covered with small trim caps. Remove remove.

7. The armrest can now be removed.

8. Remove two screw holding plate by the shroud where the wires exit from the door. On earlier models, (no kidding according to the manuals) you will need to hacksaw a slot in the panel (once it is completely separated from the door), to slip out the wires.

9. Remove two screws from the bottom of the door panel.

10. The panel is now held in place by snaps around its perimeter. Pull out on the panel edges to unsnap them, you can use a tool from your local accesory shop or pry gently with fingers.

11. The panel should now be free but will be held in by a small bracket near the lock button. Swing the front of the panel awayfrom door to disengage.

12. Disconnect any speaker and interior light wires

Chris Ford

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