Rear Wiper Detached/Off-Center

Rear Wiper Detached/Off-Center

I finally found an easier fix for the rear wiper than i would have thought. If anyone's rear wiper does not
work, but you can hear the motor cycling, check the nut that attaches the the wiper to the hatch-lid! #8^o After tearing out the motor assembly and poking around in the gearbox, I lifted up the little cap at the base of the wiper and could turn the nut by hand (the orange loctite was deteriorated). Torqued the nut, and now it's good as new!

Alan Jones
87 s4 Black/Tan

I discovered a similar situation with my car. My wiper had gone "off-center" such that it went off the left side of the glass when sweeping. The fix was to loosen this nut, re-center the wiper arm and tighten the nut.

+Greg Nichols

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