86 or 86.5 Model Year?

86 or 86.5 Model Year?

I've had my shark for almost 5 years now, and for all that time I've made the assumption that it was an 86, not an 86.5. However, my naive and uninformed mind may have glitched, and I'm hoping the list can help me clear this up. The reason I've always assumed that it was an 86 was that I have the original bill of sale and window sticker; the car sold in October of 1985. That convinced me enough. However, last week, I had to replace the battery (note: when removing groceries from vehicle, one last trip back to check if the hatch is closed can save you $$), and the list said that I should expect it to be a group 49 batt for my 86, except for the very late (86.5?) models. I removed prior to going to get the battery, and when I looked at the 49- too long! My car and its battery tray could never accept the 49, so I got the correct group 48 and have been 'motoring merrily' ever since. :-)

So what gives? I'm actually drooling at the thought of having access to the RMB from DR if indeed that's the vintage of the vehicle. I've tried without success to find VIN # ranges for the 86.5 on the web.

86(?) 928S, Marine Blue Metallic

If the last four numbers of your VIN are 1000 or higher, then it's a 86.5.


Gene: early-86 ended with VIN ...GS860999, and late-86 (86.5) started with ...GS861000. Production date for my 86.5 was May 85. If you have big brakes you have a 86.5.

Tim Westby
86.5 928 S indischrot

Just a quick note of thanks to all of you who responded to my earlier inquiry regarding the vintage of my 928S. Consultation with the title confirmed a serial number in the 1100's, which does indeed make this an 86.5, confirming the battery size issue that sparked my curiosity. As usual, the list has proven to be a quick and enthusiastic resource for vital information!

Appreciate the assist,

86.5 (!) 928S, Marine Blue Metallic

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