Horn Volume is too Soft

Horn Volume is too Soft

When I press the horn pad on my steering wheel, the horn sounds very weak and high pitched. However, when the alarm goes off, it is quite loud and normal sounding. Since pressing the horn pad is just supposed to create a closed circuit for the horns (as far as I know), I would think that would mean that if they are working (i.e. not dead), then they would blare their loudest. So, they should either work fine or not at all. Why are mine wimpy sounding from the steering wheel, but not from the alarm?

Mike Briggs
86 928S

Different horns are used for the alarm compared to the actual horn in my 85.

Vince Soo

The alarm horn is buried in the firewall on the passenger side. The horn is under the right side (US passenger side) headlight. Most horns are adjustable. Get to the horn, use earplugs, turn the adjusting screw with the horn blasting until you get the best sound.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialist

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