Rear Seatback Removal

Rear Seatback Removal

Here's how to remove the backs of the rear seats:

The outboard pivot bolts can be accessed after folding the seatback fully forward. Then detach the seatback carpet from the hatch floor (2 screws, one on each corner of the carpet). Pull carpet up, then use a 3/8" drive wrench with a 6" or so extension and an allen head socket to reach the outboard pivot bolts (2).

The inboard pivot uses 2 bolts, one on the vertical surface and one on the hatch floor (access by lifting up carpet edge). Then the whole thing just lifts out.

This is the best I can remember, having removed my seatbacks a year ago. BTW, there is no info on this in the shop manual...just says remove the rear seat backs (big help!).

Steve- 87S4/auto/GPW

The outer bolts are accessed after removing the two screws under the hatch carpet just behind the seats - this allows that flap of fabric to come up for access.

For the inner bolts, if you have rear A/C you have to remove the upper and lower A/C cover first. Then the inner bolts will be obvious. If no rear A/C, don't know...

To remove the rear A/C covers:

- remove rear plastic grate by removing the horizontal screws from
the hatch side pointing toward the front of the car. lift up in
back. be very careful or you will break the clips.

- now the front grate just lifts up. pry carefully.

- i think two vertical screws which are now exposed hold the upper
cover down. remove them and the cover lifts up.

- four horizontal screws (2 each side) hold the lower cover in.
remove them and carefully lift up. it's a very snug fit.

Inner rear seatback bolts can now be removed.

88S4 rear A/C

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