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Radiator Repair Shops

Radiator Repair Shops

I was told this morning that I may need to replace my radiator, and was told that a replacement OEM unit is
$1300. Please tell me there is an alternative.

Jason Wheeler
'84 928S 5-speed

If the plastic end bottles are still good, then you can have a new OEM Behr radiator core installed for
about $350.

Tanks 'N Tabs
423 enos Reed Dr
Nashville, TN 37210

He seems to be the only one I've talked to who knows the various 928 radiator configurations and he is a
Behr authorized service facility.

Paul Scott

I used Jim's Radiator Repair out of Oklahoma. http://www.webtek.com/jims/
They put on new side tanks and gaskets and the radiator has been fine since.
Cost was just over $100 and they did know about 928 radiators. They had been
recommended by people on the Mercedes list.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

The Behr radiators in our cars have plastic end tanks on each side of the radiator. One failure that seems to be common is a deterioration in the gasket between the plastic end tank and the aluminum radiator core. This may be evidenced by a leak in the upper right (US passenger side) of the radiator. In such a case, it is possible to replace the end tanks with their integral neoprene seals and reuse your old core. This repair should cost about $300 in parts and labor. Because of the heavy crimp ring that secures that side tanks, this is not a typical "do it yourself" job. Radiator shops, however, seem to have the proper tools to do it.

+Greg Nichols
'87 928S4 5-sp

Most 928 radiator failures are the plastic passenger end tank. Most of the failures occur after 10 years plus. We offer a new replacement tank and gasket for $100. The tank is held on by a crimp strip and can be replaced by most home mechanics. The aluminum radiator with plastic tank is a very common and most good radiator shope know how to replace them. If you buy a new radiator, we'll give credit for your old radiator even if you don't get it from us.

Mark Anderson
928 International

My 86 5-speed developed a slight leak at the top passanger side plastic tank of the radiator. I removed the radiator and took it to several places in the Northern VA-Washington DC area attempting to get it repaired. Several shops were not interesed in trying to fix it after finding out that it was a Porsche radiator.

I discovered a radiator repair shop located in Rockville MD, Loopers Service, that was able and willing to repair the plastic side tanks and warrant the work for a resonable fee. They actually specialize in antique radiator repair but do a lot of service on MB's that just happen to use the same type Beru radiators the 928 uses. They even had a 928 replacement plastic tank and gasket in stock! They repaired my radiator in less than one day for $84.00 (I supplied the replacement tank that I ordered from 928 International-thanks Mark)

I spoke with Pat Gauss (from Motor Week) on his radio program last Saturday and he recommended Loopers. I do as well! Great service, the radiator is repaired and now has over 1000 miles on it----no leaks, running cool.

Their website is at www.loopersc.com

Pete L
86 928 s
Running Cooler

[July 2001]
I had a tank seal replaced in my '83 and it seems to be holding fine after 3yrs. I used a place called Jim's Radiator that was recommened by various people on the Mercedes list. I think they go by Tulsa Radiator now - 800-598-2809 4119 South 87th East Ave, Tulsa OK 74145.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec) 59K miles
'88 928 S4 5-speed 112K miles

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