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Steering Rack Leaking Fluid

Steering Rack Leaking Fluid

My steering rack boot has a hole in it, and it's leaking PS fluid out of this hole. Is it normal to have fluid inside the boot, or does it sound like my steering rack is wasted ?

(p.s. the rack was replaced 2 yrs ago with a remanufactured one, and there's only 1000 miles on this 'new' rack)


It sounds like the rack is shot again. When there is fluid in the boots, it's generally fluid which has leaked past the seal. Also, some of the remanufactured ones don't have the best track record for longevity.


>I am getting a small power steering leak at the 2 bolt cover
>on the bottom of the rack, directly below the input shaft.
>I removed the cover, spring and washer, no gasket was
>found. Does this leak sound repairable?

There is an "O" ring around the "piston" that is held in by this cover.
If you can pull it out, you will be able to replace the "O" ring easily.


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