Warning Against Destroying Windshield

Warning Against Destroying Windshield

I have a replacement rear view mirror to install. The base is already on the windshield and I thought it would be a simple task to slide the mirror over the base. Not so. It is absolutely the correct base, but it is a very tight fit. 928 Intl told me to be VERY careful with the windshield as they have a tendancy to break when too much pressure is put from the inside out.

'86 928S, Hellbronze Metallic
Fla. plate - 2QUIK86

Let me give you this bit of advice....Last year I covered the dashboard with a plastic skin and needed to add some weight on the steering pod to help the adhesive dry. I carefully (aparently not enough!) wrapped a brick in several bath towels and placed this on the dash, then raised the steering pod up to apply a slight even preasure. Left for about 30 minutes and came back out to the garage only to hear the tell tale sounds.... Pop, Crack. The windshield had cracked. This didn't take much preasure at all from the inside to do. I have had quarter and dime size rocks hit the glass from the outside at over 125 MPH, made one heck of a sound and even left a small ding on the glass but, never broke the glass. Please be careful pressing on the glass from the inside, my guess is I had less than 10-15 Newtons pressing evenly on the windshield. The new windshield with the internal antenna cost aprox. $1290 installed at the dealership.

Pete Norman
86' 928S Indishrot/Auto
Plate: QUAD CAM (Ohio)

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