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Air Recirculation Control

>> Can anyone tell me where the air recirculation flap and control are and how
>> to test it?

Just had to replace mine in the '87. Not too hard, but just another one of those "takes time" items.

Here's one really simple way to test the valve. Place the bottom slide control of the climate control in the full left position, or "off". Drive the car, if you get any incoming air from the vents, the valve is compromised, much air, and it is completely gone or the whole system does not hold vacuum.

While still driving with the A/C off, move the bottom slide over to the square block, if you get a rush of incoming air where before there was none, the valve is probably OK.

You can also feel/see the flap for operation. It is located on the passengers side, above and behind the parcel shelf (or whatever its called). There is a black plastic grate that the flap hides behind. In the center of the grate there is a small square hole. You can stick a finger through to move the flap up and down. With the car running, move the bottom climate control slide from full left to any other position. The flap will most likely move from its resting position (on top of the grate).

If the flap is not moving much, you may want to replace it anyway, it's just another vacuum leak waiting to happen. It does play a very important roll in the summer with the A/C. If not working you will never recirculate the cabin air and the A/C will not nearly be as effective. Not too expensive either, about $16.

To replace I did.....
* Disconnect battery.
* Remove glove box, parcel shelf.
* Remove plywood cover of fuse/relay panel.
* Remove screws/metal bar at top of fuse/relay panel.
* Remove bottom screws holding fuse/relay panel.
* Slightly move fuse panel out and down, BE CAREFUL!
* Unbolt plastic grate, (housing for flap).
* The flap housing is a sandwich with the
blower housing under the hood. Remove the
two bolts of the blower motor that you can
see, and the one that is hidden beneath the
big rubber coupler between the blower motor
housing and the evaporator/heater core housing.
* Now the sandwich can be parted. The plastic
grate (flap housing) can now be pried (it is
sealed) from the car. As you SLOWLY remove this
housing from the passengers footwell you can see
the blue vacuum hose that runs from the engine
compartment to the vacuum pot that controls
the flap. Replace with new part.

Adam S.
'89 Black 5sp.
'87 Silver Auto

Please make an amendment to any tips procedures dealing with air
recirculation flap removal as follows:

STEP1: Find a good chiropractor.
STEP2: Buy alcohol of some sort.

Alan Jones
87 S4 Auto - Black/Tan

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