Antenna Replacement, S4/GT Roof Mounted

Antenna Replacement, S4/GT Roof Mounted

The GT (and later S4s) have a roof mounted antenna. Mine was a little limp in that I could see the reflection of it whipping around at speeds in excess of 140 mph. Just kidding, officer .

I'm sure this is a relatively standard Bosch part, but I decided I had to have a new one RIGHT NOW. So I visited a local VW/SAAB dealer and found a replacement:

The antenna mast for the New Beetle is VW p/n 3A0-051-849, cost me $44 (probably way too much). Please don't liberate your extra mast from your neighbor's New Beetle (NB). Feel sorry for him since he paid as much for his NB as I might pay for a decent S4. The base shaft (that's the part that is thicker, rubber and flexible) is about twice as long as the one on my GT. In addition the mast has a neat spiral appearance. Looks like the shark has a stinger now and I like that. Goes with the BWAAAAAAAAAAHHH nicely, thank you very much!

Regards, Phil Eskildsen

'90 928GT 5sp Schiefer (Slate Grey metallic) 111k
'82 928 5sp (S-look) Palisander (Rosewood metallic) 76k
Lafayette, CA (east of San Francisco)

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