Sunroof Rattle

Sunroof Rattle

> Whenever I hit a bump, the sunroof rattles. I can prevent it by pushing
> up on the rear surface of the interior sunroof panel. Should I just
> jam a piece of cardboard in?
> Gary Pearce 90 GT

I can tackle this one as I had the same situation a year ago. You must remove the interior sunroof panel. It is attached by three screws. You can see these screws when the sunroof is 1/4 open. Use a MAGNETIC screwdriver to remove them. When you slide the panel out, you will see three plastic nipples with felt covered tips on the top side of the panel. The reason you hear rattling is because the felt has rubbed off one or more of the nipples. I can't remember if I glued some felt on or bought the replacement nipples from the dealer, either way, no more rattling.

Good luck.
Joe Rausa '89S4

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