Fog Lights not Working

Fog Lights not Working

>Both of my fog light are out, and they were just working
>a couple of days ago. I've checked the fuse, and it's fine.
>Is there also a relay?

The XIII relay is for the fog lights.

1st, turn on your fog lights and test to see if you have power at the fuse (#30). If not then the problem is before the fuse and, not from the fuse to the lights. Also, while your there, see that the fuse is good and clean. We'll concentrate on the fact that I believe you don't have power at the fuse.

2nd, pull the IV relay, all top row relays are alike, mine all have the number 53 printed on them. Replace it with another one from the top row. Don't start the car, but with the ignition and lights on, check to see if they're working. I'm betting this is it. If not:

3rd, put all top row relays back, pull the XIII relay. With the ignition and lights on, you should have power in two slots. Look at the relay from the prong side. You'll notice numbers by the prongs. The prong that has the number 30 by it receives power from the number IV relay. You should have power in that slot and the top slot, which I believe is the 87 prong. If you have power in both slots, but no power at the fuse, replace the XIII relay. Approx. $26.00.


David Schaum
86.5 928S Auto/Iris Blue Metallic
Tag "CHK YR 6"

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