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Recirculation Flap Actuator Replacement

Recirculation Flap Actuator Replacement

I got a few people asking me to tell of my experiece in replacing my recirculating flap. Here is is:

I bought my new vacuum bulb (actuator) unit from Dave Roberts at 928 Specialists for about $16.

If you have the manuals you should follow the directions for removal of the Air Distribution Housing, section 87-17 in the US manuals. You will need to do the following:

- Disconnect the battery as you will be moving around the Space-Shuttle sized fuse box a bit.

- Remove the 3 bolts that go to the blower motor. 1 is outside the motor housing, 1 is inside the rubber boot of the motor housing, and the 3rd can be found by looking at the middle of the Air Distribution Housing grate.

- Remove wood fuse cover. Unbolt and remove both the large main hinged area as well as the small wood mating part at the bottom.

- Remove the 2 screws at the top of the fuse panel.

- Remove the 2 bolts at the base of the fuse panel at the base of the 2 support brackets.

- Remove all mounting nuts around the perimeter of the distributor housing. I think there were 7 on my 89'.

- Pry out the entire unit. It will be stuck with the factory sticky caulk but will come out if you work around the perimeter. Do not put too much pressure at any one point as you do not want to break the plastic.

- Disconnect the blue hose going into the vacuum unit and remove the entire housing.

- Clean out all the crap that may be inside. I found a lot of 10 year old dried leaves in mine.

- The vacuum bulb is very easy to see and replace. Take the entire unit to a nice place to work, where it's well lit and clean. You will see a couple of locking snap washers on the end of a metal rod on the flap. Pop these off, slide the rod off the flap eyelets, remove the arm of the vacuum bulb from the rod, and fit the new vacuum unit.

- When putting the housing back in the car I would suggest that you inspect the condition of the blue hose the plugs into the valve. Mine was flared out at the end due to being stretched over ten years. I sniped off about a 1/3 of an inch to make sure I got a good elastic fit on the vacuum bulb nipple.

Hope this helps,
89' 5 speed.

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