Alternator Failure / Warning Lights

Alternator Failure / Warning Lights

My alternator went out over the weekend (amp gauge never goes up after starting the car and a voltmeter reading of the battery always shows 11.8v while the car is running - I suspect the regulator is toast). For some strange reason though all the warning lights on my dash are lit up constantly now (except for the alternator warning lamp!). The analog gauges seem to work fine (temp, gas, oil, amp). Has anyone else experienced something similar when their alternator went out

84 928S

Sounds like a fried diode on the alternator. Fix the alternator and the problem should go away.

86.5 Indischrot 5-speed

It might be possible to repair and alternator instead of replacing it. The alternator in my '84 fail on my, but I was able to limp home. I removed the alternator & found the brushes were worn out. A trip to a local auto electric shop and $40 later it was good as new. It had almost 100,000 miles on it. I would urge everyone to remember your brushes. They won't last forever.

Michael Howard

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