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Bulb Replacment - A/C Switch

Bulb Replacment - A/C Switch

You don't have to remove the console, as the A/C control head can be removed from the front. There is a thin, delicate bezel that hides the mounting screws. Your best bet is to partially remove the radio as there are little tabs that extend under the radio. Be careful at the trim piece likes to break at the point where it narrows down.

When you pull the A/C head out there a couple of connectors that have to be removed to free it from the harness. You then remove the top gear sector that is attached to the temp slider. Be sure to mark the gears so you can reassemble it properly. Under the large gear sector you will see a socket with two wires clipped on, These were red and brown in my car. Pull the socket out of it's housing and you can then remove the bulb. which is quite small but can be found in any auto parts store.I used an Osram 2721 @ 1.2 watts. Good Luck!

Don Burrows

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