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Ball Joint Warning!

Ball Joint Warning!

In September 1983, the lower ball joint support was changed from aluminum to steel. The changeover occurred at VIN 92ES860404. The aluminum ball joints are DANGEROUS! We have had several list members who had had failure while driving - luckily, all were at very slow speeds.

If your 928 is earlier than VIN 92ES860404, use a small magnet to test the lower ball joint supports. Another indication is that the steel supports have a figure-eight shape, while the aluminum supports have an oval outline.

If you have aluminum ball joint supports, I strongly urge you to change them at the earliest opprotunity.

You will need two each 928.341.049.12 ball joint supports; four each 928.341.466.00 adjusting eccentrics; one 928.341.091.05 left bracket; and one 928.341.092.05 right bracket.

While you are in there, you might consider replacing the rubber boots for the upper ball joints. The upper ball joints are not replaceable - you have to replace the entire upper a-frame ($$$). New boots will help prevent dirt from entering the upper joints.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

928 International has a source for rebuilding upper A-Frames. While you are
replacing things you might want to consider sending them your upper A-Frames
and have new ball joints pressed into them. Just an alternate to buying new

Jay K.

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